• Paperweight Radio: The Ecological (S1, Ep6)

    First broadcast on 10 October 2013, Paperweight Radio’s episode on The Ecological features contemporary art historian Wood Roberdeau discussing how ecological concerns and ideas intersect with contemporary art practice; sustainable design scholar Paul Micklethwaite on the role sustainability plays in design practices; and the geographer Richard Bater on the politics of water in post-Soviet states.

  • Paperweight Radio: Mother/Daughter (S1, Ep5)

    First broadcast on 3 October 2013, Paperweight Radio’s show on Mother/Daughter features the sociologist Katherine Appleford discussing the role of fashion in the mother-daughter relationship; art historian Catherine Grant and artist Lisa Castagner on nineteenth century Invisible Mother portraits; and historian Fern Riddell on the suffragette Kitty Marion.  

  • Paperweight Radio: Maker Culture (S1, Ep4)

    First broadcast on 26 September 2013, Paperweight Radio’s episode on Maker Culture, the contemporary trend for making that marries technology to craft practices to form a new DIY social movement features, is in conversation with artist, curator and maker Helen Carnac. Also featured on the show is Gavin Grindon, V&A Visiting Research Fellow, talking about …

  • Paperweight Radio: Paper (S1, Ep3)

    First broadcast on 19 September 2013, Paperweight Radio’s show on Paper features the art historian Beth Williamson on the digitisation of artists’ books; the Head of Museums and Collections at the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture Zoe Hendon on the Sonic Wallpaper project; Elizabeth Montagu biographer and eighteenth century literature scholar Elizabeth Eger on …